Advantages Of A Custom Home


I know this is a blog about online marketing but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about custom homes.  The truth is that I wish I could afford a custom home… they are so unbelievably nice since you get to choose everything.

When you have a custom home built the great advantage is that you have total freedom. Absolutely everything, right down to the last nail, is chosen by you.

Most home builders offer standard floor plans, but this means that your home will be similar to others in the area. Designing your home yourself will mean that nobody, anywhere, has a property that is exactly the same.

So if you want the bathroom on the ground floor, that’s where you put it. If you need a garage big enough for six cars, you simply order it.

Flat screen TV built into the wall in the master bedroom? Certainly. Playroom for the kids down in the basement? Of course.

You can design the bathroom so that the toilet cistern is incorporated in the wall or ceiling, the shower unit is exactly where you want it so that you can reach towels off the heated towel rail easily, and the tiled floor is heated.

In short, you can have everything you want wherever you want it and however you desire it.

Although you will sit down with your home builders at the outset and put everything you want into the design, it also gives you the freedom to change your mind, alter, or add to certain aspects as you go along. So if you suddenly decide that you want mahogany stair rails instead of pine it isn’t a problem.

Certainly, building a custom home will take longer than building a standard floor plan one for the simple reason that your builder has never done one before.

However, good home builders such as Riverview Custom Homes have the ability to adapt to your needs as you go along. They will also guide you on construction matters and processes, together with costings, so that you don’t go seriously over your budget. (While mentioning your budget, it is always best to allow for a little extra at the outset so that you can select better quality fittings, for example, as the work progresses).

At the end of the day you will finish up with a home that is exactly the way you want it, because you designed it.

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New SEO Video Showcasing EMethod As Being One Of The Best SEO Companies in Canada…


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Building An Edmonton Auto Insurance Business Online…


People nowadays search for Edmonton car insurance quotes online more than ever!  And there are certain companies taking advantage of this in a big way and capitalizing.  One such company is Sharp Insurance, they are paving the way as one of the most innovative insurance companies in Western Canada.

A lot of companies don’t realize the power of the Internet and they are truly missing out!  Sharp is one of the fastest growing auto insurance companies in Calgary and Edmonton because they harnessed the power of the Internet.  Imagine how many businesses are missing out because they are still trying to attract customers the old way.

Isn’t it time you starting getting in front of all the people using Google?  If you want to learn more go here:


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Finding The Right Digital Marketing Company: What You Need


Digital marketing has, in today’s world, become a necessity for every business. You just cannot afford to not market on the Internet — it’s a massive market, for a start, and your competitors are most probably using it. You are essentially giving them an edge if you aren’t online.

There are numerous benefits of digital marketing. For instance, you get access to a market of millions, if not more. It’s not just about the market though — the market is out there anyways — but the ease with which you can access them, communicate with them, and establish long-lasting relationships with them that makes digital marketing stand out.

Watch this Calgary web design video

Having said that, it isn’t easy to market yourself online and do it well. There is a lot of noise out there and your prospects are most likely exposed to hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis. For you to stand out, it will take a lot of planning. A digital marketing company can help you with it, but it’s not easy to find the right company.

Choosing a digital marketing company

How should you choose a digital marketing company? What should you look for in them? How do they work? How do you provide your inputs? All these are important questions that you might be wondering about.

First of all, you need to look for a company that has experience. Experience is very important, especially in an environment like digital marketing. A company that has a great track record is, obviously, a lot more preferable to one that’s new. Apart from experience, you are also looking for creativity. A company should be able to bring their own ideas that are unique to the table. Repeating what has been done for ages won’t help you stand out.

Before you choose a company, it’s also very important to check for their references. Usually, you can ask them for the clients they have worked with in the past and talk to them. They can tell you all you need to know. You should also discuss with them your own ideas and see what they think of it.

There are other important factors to consider before you finalize the deal, too. Can they do web design? Can they develop applications for your company (if you need)? If you prefer in-person, one-on-one communication, then it makes sense to go with a local SEO company. It is very easy to find digital marketing companies in most cities. Let’s say you are living in Calgary… you can search for digital marketing companies in Calgary and come up with one.

All said and done, it’s important to spend some time and efforts to find the right company. You will, in all likelihood, stay with one for a few years, so the time and efforts spent right now will be worth it in the long run.

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